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Well, the 52 week challenge thing has been on rather a go slow so far this year, due to me not really spending a lot of time on it! I had got a fair way through the squad of guards before I got a bit sidetracked so they shouldn’t take too much effort to finish when I sort out my sidetrack 😉
Which is actually an entire fleet of ships for spartan games “uncharted seas”, and I’ve also got a 20mm (1/72) m3 white scout car to do after them (and a grant arv mk1 when it arrives).
“Why?!” You ask? Because I turned 30 this month and my lovely wife decided to spend some money on me 🙂

So I am now half way through painting a fleet of imperial humans consisting of 6 frigates, 3 cruisers, a sloop and a battleship, with a balloon thrown in too. My wife has a fleet of dragon lords to use so we are aiming to build a complete ‘game in a bag’ set, rather than a couple of ever expanding forces as happened with the 40k stuff (which we have more or less drawn a line under purchasing wise, lots of work to do on them, but they are at least ‘complete’ in terms of what we want them to contain.)
I’ll stick some photo’s of the fleet up as soon as I get a chance – we’re actually progressing quite well on them. As much as I’m itching to paint them there is one other miniature that I’m super happy with that needs some attention. Actually she’s going to be needing attention for quite a while, as she’s my 3 day old daughter, and she’s amazing 🙂