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Another quiet week with regards hobby activity. Very busy on the DIY front though and everything we do now makes the house feel like it’s made another significant step towards completion. And when it’s complete expect to see a lot more posts regarding hobbies on here. (And possibly even a couple of extra hobbies we’ve thought about starting after it’s done!)
On the other hand I have made my first foray into the world of kickstarters. I’ve been watching these come and go in a frenzy of posts/updates and loads of cool toys and game after game. For the most part though I’ve been reluctant to put my scant funds down on future toys when there have been such a big list of available kits and miniatures I want that are already available.
Then I saw the heresy kickstarter.
I’ve been a fan of heresy miniatures for a good few years now. Andy is heresy, in a very literal sense, he’s a one man band who sculpts, casts markets and sells all his own stuff. He’s also an avid twitterer and Facebook poster, who is very open with his business, sharing both the good and the bad. This sort of approach makes the company much more of a co-operative effort between Andy and his customers, he makes cool stuff and the customers support him so he can keep doing it.
Now I’ve only bought a few bits from him in the past – but I’ve loved what I have bought (the yeti – oh god that thing is awesome in the flesh).
So the chance to get a few more of the big monsters that are Andy’s specialties that have become unavailable over the years? – yes. Oh so yes. I’ve got my eyes on another big Boris and a couple of monsters.
The side effect I didn’t expect was the feeling of achievement I’ve had in watching the kickstarter do really well. I guess a little bit like watching a football team in a game. I’ve no personal gain from the win, (I’d have bought models from him again at some point I’ve no doubt) but I’m happy that he is doing so well. I put that down to the aforementioned openness he has online.
Either way – if you are on the lookout for cool stuff –

Delivery date is next year (due to dragon issues – that’s another figure I’d have loved to get my mitts on…..) so I don’t have to make my lead tally worse this year! 😀

Another busy week!

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Well it’s been another full on weekend of work and work on the house! So as far as progress on the model front it’s still on hold until I can get the hobby stations done in the house- in the mean time I’m going to be updating with stuff that I come across during the process of moving into the house. Today – milicast models that I don’t think I’ve posted before. I got them for a birthday and I’ve assembled the m3 scout car but not the m3 arv yet. The detail is drool worthy but my resin working skills are not perfect so I’ll hold my hands up to one or two imperfections with the scout car assembly. They will be forming part of my reme detachment for the uk forces. I don’t think the m3 was used as an arv in Normandy but it’ll do me as fine as the m4 version would and I like this model 🙂
They are a little pricy for such small kits but the detail is top quality.







Feeling good.

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I don’t know what the day will bring when I get to work, but right now I’m enjoying the silence of the early morning. I spent the morning tinkering with the tumblr account on the PC as I mainly use it on the mobile and hasn’t realised that the mobile theme settings didn’t port across to the desktop version. Much to learn about blogging.
In an actual dog report he’s curled up in his own bed for once snoozing away – a change from sleeping in our bed/washing pile/lap!

We set up a dog crate in the house for him as he decided the last few soft dog beds were more fun to play with as tuggy toys- they didn’t last long.

A brief interlude.

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I’ve not disappeared again, just having a very busy week! I’ve not had anytime for hobby activities, due to having a go at house renovations! I’ve been sanding floors, helping painting walls (I can’t really claim to have painted one whole wall myself here!) fitting new light fittings and juggling radiators (not literally – that would be painful).
So I’ve not had all that much time for painting more figures. I’m looking forward to finishing this house – we’ll have proper painting stations in there somewhere 🙂
In the mean time I don’t think I’ve linked across to my tumblr account from here, so for anyone interested (anyone?) –
Back again soon I hope! 🙂

Edit: realised that I’d not stuck up the pics of the man o war stuff! Have some nice pretty boats, in their as bought state. And my current spray tray for good measure. 🙂