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I have often found that when I’m immersed in assembling plastic figures I wind down and really get chilled out. It’s not quite the same with painting them as I’m always feeling like I could have done it better and it never quite comes out as it does in my minds eye when I paint. That is probably down to practice, as in I need more of it. 

But with kit building, it’s a chill out job, I just can do it. 

So for instance last night I was getting a bit of painters block and couldn’t decided what I was doing so I broke out the glue and cutters and another old force that is still wip – battle fleet gothic. Most of them I got second hand off a friend who was better at finishing things than I am 🙂 

I had a few cruisers left to build so I figured I could use the time to get them assembled. I have a smaller chaos fleet and some transports too but they are all packed away still. 

They are not all standard gothic patterns of ships as I prefer to use the full thrust rules set for starship games, it’s flexible and fun to use and a lot simpler than gothic itself 🙂 

Oh and it was free online! I was going to say ‘is’ free online but I can’t find the links now! If you find it (I’m using 2nd ed with more thrust and the fleet books at the moment) let me know! 

We’ll see what I get done next! 

Stuff got done….

Posted: September 24, 2015 in gaming
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just not much modelling related stuff! 

I’ve found that building things for the kids to enjoy playing with and in is surprisingly satisfying a fair bit of the ‘feel good finish’ effects that finishing a unit off does. Granted not many of the garden projects are truly finished, but the kids don’t care about trimmings like paint, detailing, (safety rails!) so you get them just jumping on and playing – instant feel good factor. 

This isn’t to say that I’ve got no modelling related stuff done, I have finished basing the dwarf warband for mordheim. Bar perhaps a bit of varnish to seal them they are ready to go. The basing is pretty basic (see what I did there – don’t groan….), but it tidies them up fine. 

I have also been reading, couple of Terry pratchett and a couple of tom clanceys, some Mira grant (the feed series is amazing), and a bit of environmental climate change related stuff suggested by my old uni mate. 

I used to read books at a rate of a few a week, I don’t have much trouble re-reading so I’ve read some dozens of times. The clanceys made me want to break out the Cold War mini’s and get back into them, the pratchett made me want to hunt out the last couple I’m missing of the long earth and I said a fond farewell to the discworld in his final book, I’ll read them again, but to know it was the last felt like closing the back cover of a really really good book, it tugs the heart. 

The climate change ones are making me seriously consider re-starting my general grumblings blog – I’ve left it dormant for years. I won’t be posting the grumblings on here anyway – have no fear! 

I’ll sign off again for now before this phone dies completely on me 🙂 

Till next time! 🙂