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Part kit review! 

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s been a long while since I did anything resembling a kit review so I figured I’d have to put this one up as I’m just so baffled. 

As a note, I’m on holiday. I wasn’t doing any modelling this holiday so purposely didn’t pack any. Which would of course lead us upto discovering that an awesome model shop was on our best walking route to town. 

I couldn’t help it – I needed one. So given how when faced with racks and racks of kits I tend to dither way too much I asked my wife to pick me a starter set out, me thinking it would be enough to satisfy my itch. 

She floored me a little by picking out a revell one instead of the wall of airfix is been looking at – I’d not really noticed the revell starters she found myself. 


It was packaged with 3 paints, glue and what turned out to be a double ended paintbrush – basically all bar the knife & clippers I thought. 

Not quite. 

It’s either been way too long since I tried an out of the box starter level kit or revell have a strange way of doing starters. 

I’ll go piece by piece here. 

The paint:

Two shades of grey and bright orange. Ok, this is a little of the bafflement factor, I’ll explain more later – but notice the decal sheet next to them, they have even provided r2d2’s dome markings as a decal. 

The brushes. 

I can’t stand them up in my usual pot at home- very strange! Reasonable base coat one end and the other feels more like a purposed drybrush. 

The glue. 

Standard revell liquid glue in those pots with the needle spout, fr experience you have to be careful not to let the spout foul as its a bugger to clear. Otherwise not a bad glue. 

I just haven’t had to use any….

The kit.

Revell x-wing, 1:112 scale (I felt like crying looking at the rack, not a single Star Wars kit was the same scale – even the tie was 1:110! I mean it’s so bloody close they could have picked one! And what was wrong with using 1:100 or 1:144 that they use for other series?) 

It’s mouldings are crisp, very little flash to deal with, and the detail is nice. The instructions are the first like it I’ve come across – full colour and quite clear assembly instructions (I was still going too fast clipping stuff out though and ended up doing detective work when I realised I’d got three not quite identical laser cannons off the sprue though!) 

My one gripe with the kit instructions is as yet I’ve found no reference to the base grey white colour! It could be that they intend you to leave the bare plastic but I’ve got no intention of doing that. 

Which nearly brings me back to the other ‘starter kit’ issue. The kit wants ten colours for the various detail sections. Remember the pic? Three. Yup – and the packaging obscured the back of the kit box so I didn’t see the ‘required paints’ bit. 

Right. So far we’ve got a nice kit, with a funky brush, some glue I’ve not really needed as yet and three not really relevant paints out of the ten suggested. 

So here it is so far:

I’ve ignored the paint scheme on the diagrams, I’m going to ignore most of the decals too – it’s just too much to put decals on for r2’s dome instead of just painting it. 

Summary: I like it, but it’s gonna have to wait till I get home and settled to get back painting it!

I shall continue after I’ve done some more on it 🙂 


We had a good weekend! Started off with a Friday night game of the Battle of Britain – did a little bit of rules tinkering and development and then the raf got comprehensively shot out of the sky, with only the last two heros of ‘the few’ diving into the fray making a dint in the german squadron! 

Saturday we started with a couple of 15 point skirmishes and rounded off with a 2v2 game with the 15 point armies. My skirmish pitted Drake McBaine and his net & freebooter force against Denegra – which I lost, but fun was had! 

I came out on top with my Merc Caine list (we fudge the lists somewhat to use models we like the look of) in the bigger game, backed up by some solid work from Mike’s protectorate force. That was despite Denegra influencing one of my warjacks to beat his buddy half way to scrap in a single turn! 

Alas I realised too late that I would need to go in the loft to get the scenery out and as if already got the kids to bed we improv’d a pond and some woods. 

Anyways – looking forward to the next games night! 

Ill update the lead tally next post – I’ve done a couple of devil dogs but not finished the unit and I can’t remember what the total’s at now! 

See you next time!