Gaming weekend!

Posted: February 2, 2016 in gaming
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We had a good weekend! Started off with a Friday night game of the Battle of Britain – did a little bit of rules tinkering and development and then the raf got comprehensively shot out of the sky, with only the last two heros of ‘the few’ diving into the fray making a dint in the german squadron! 

Saturday we started with a couple of 15 point skirmishes and rounded off with a 2v2 game with the 15 point armies. My skirmish pitted Drake McBaine and his net & freebooter force against Denegra – which I lost, but fun was had! 

I came out on top with my Merc Caine list (we fudge the lists somewhat to use models we like the look of) in the bigger game, backed up by some solid work from Mike’s protectorate force. That was despite Denegra influencing one of my warjacks to beat his buddy half way to scrap in a single turn! 

Alas I realised too late that I would need to go in the loft to get the scenery out and as if already got the kids to bed we improv’d a pond and some woods. 

Anyways – looking forward to the next games night! 

Ill update the lead tally next post – I’ve done a couple of devil dogs but not finished the unit and I can’t remember what the total’s at now! 

See you next time! 

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