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Oo shiney…

Posted: October 10, 2015 in gaming, Kit model
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and the curse of getting a big box of awesome models right in the middle of a project! 

I’ve just gotten my teeth into sorting the mountain of ww2 kits and bits I’ve got to do and the postman rings the bell and hands me a box – I wasn’t expecting a box. Checks label – heresy miniatures! 

The only thing I’d ordered from heresy was the monsters kickstarter – and I wasn’t expecting that to be on the way yet as I thought Andy was still re-working some of the monsters to get them cast able after the dragon saga (read his blog for that one, it was a true monster!) so I can only guess he’s gone into overdrive to start getting boxes out the door already! That guy must work like a machine! Anyways besides blowing my lead tally out of the water for this year (there was 25 models in there!) it seriously gave me a bad case of the oo shiney! I spent a day just staring at the little and big gribblies in there! 

I’ve managed to push my dungeon fantasies down the project list (not that sort of dungeon fantasy! why on earth would you think that?) so I can still work on assembling and sorting the ww2 into a full list/game form, finish the painting on the warmachine that is still stalled on the table – I am going to have to turn back to it next or it will never get done, and the guildball that I managed to start and then also stall on. I’ll do the dungeon stuff after I’ve got through that list and not before, I’m hoping the draw of dungeon crawling games will push me back into painting things faster. 

This is like giving an alcoholic a keg….   
And this is the scale of the ww2 project that needs sorting!

There’s more than just that one box too….
I shall try and stay strong, if pics of big spiders and trolls start popping up on here you’ll know I’ve failed! 

Lead tally: 


Another busy week!

Posted: August 12, 2014 in gaming, Kit model
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Well it’s been another full on weekend of work and work on the house! So as far as progress on the model front it’s still on hold until I can get the hobby stations done in the house- in the mean time I’m going to be updating with stuff that I come across during the process of moving into the house. Today – milicast models that I don’t think I’ve posted before. I got them for a birthday and I’ve assembled the m3 scout car but not the m3 arv yet. The detail is drool worthy but my resin working skills are not perfect so I’ll hold my hands up to one or two imperfections with the scout car assembly. They will be forming part of my reme detachment for the uk forces. I don’t think the m3 was used as an arv in Normandy but it’ll do me as fine as the m4 version would and I like this model 🙂
They are a little pricy for such small kits but the detail is top quality.







And it’s all over…

Posted: July 19, 2014 in gaming, Kit model
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The assembly at least, there’s actually only about four steps to the gun and other than playing hide and seek on the sprues for the parts and needing three hands to do the legs if you want them to be moveable as I did, it’s a straightforward build.


So the gun section is assembled and I think will be the first onto the paint queue as I’m looking forward to painting them up as a unit. 🙂

I had a quick (5min) session before I went to work yesterday, managed to start the gun – so I’ve finished step 27.
Yes, the gun starts at step 27, so I’m doing the kit backwards. But as a mini review the instructions are clear and the parts are a decent fit so far. Bit of a puzzle game finding them on the sprues tho 🙂



Well I’ve not had time to actually do any paint in the last couple of days so I’ve been thinking rules and organisations – I’ve got a large scattering of models in 20mm, but few organised as units. I have discovered the flames of war organisational briefings downloadable for free on their website and they are great guides. As for rules I’m not a big fan of the mechanics of flames of war myself as it was a little too close to the warhammer style of play which I was looking to move away from. I’ve tried the alo-zero set from italeri too and while a clever way of modelling infantry actions it seemed difficult to expand to cover armoured engagements, which was what I am keen to try. My current favourite is bolt action, again designed more for infantry skirmishes I have played a full on tank battle using it and with only slight modifications it would work well and be fast enough to keep the pace of play fun. It also seems well scaled to 20mm as it is for 28mm.
If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to send me them!

This isn’t helping the lead tally really is it?


Bought to convert into a 17pdr prime mover. I’ve done this conversion with one I had bought years ago and made a bit of a rough job of. Now I’m hunting for another 17pdr kit to go with it! There is a really roundabout reason for doing this unit right now, which I will reveal at a later point!

Lead tally:
Painted: 4
Acquired: 12
Tally : -8