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I’ve had a plan rattling around in my head for a year or two now – ever since I saw the head crabs from hasslefree mini’s – I’ve been wanting to do an ‘Alien (s)’ type game. When asked what I wanted for my Christmas prezzie this year I had a whole slew of ideas crash through my head, a lot of them practical or sensible (not as sensible as socks, I’m not there yet). There was one thing I knew I wanted though, I had since I saw the first green wip shots – grymn walkers.

I’m a fan of big stompy robots in general and having a little one to go with my as yet unpainted grymn collection has been near the top of my ‘want’ list for ages. So, although I had promised to try and make sure I painted some of the lead mountain before I bought anymore I’ve got a pair on the way. I’ve been good this year in not buying toys – I’ve managed to go round ‘attack’ at devizes and only pick up one mini, only bought one kit model (might be 2 now I think about it), and I’ve painted a couple of squads of guardsmen and the figure I put up here last time. So I figured it was about time I gave those nice folks at hasslefree some of my money 🙂

Now my budget this year was more than two walkers worth so I was pondering what else I should use it on – then I recalled the head crabs. – perfect opportunity.

This means I have all the elements I need to try out that old idea – I’ve got the head crabs, some old gw genestealer familiars, quite a selection of plastic genestealers (old space crusade sets, tyrannid sets, a new space hulk sets worth my wife bagged for peanuts in a charity shop), and a fairly varied selection of misc figures that would work as ship crew. add them to three sets worth of space crusade board sections and you have an outbreak on a ship…….

I’ve got the bug to paint some more now and this lot (along with my guard force) might just be the start of next years possible project list!

So what are you lot asking Santa for?