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A promising start….

Posted: February 16, 2015 in just painting
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I re-started the lead tally last post and I have added to the pile already! – Big surprise there I know 😉 however in a more promising move I have also actually painted something!
So the tally is now 5/1/4 🙂
I’m going to see how much I can drive this down over this year, starting with the warmachine force – it’s back out on the workbench and is now going to get done (I’m sure I’ve said something similar before…)
Anyhow – the toys….
I have bought the character apprentice caster for the merc faction, he’s assembled and undercoated but not bothering you with pics of yet another undercoated mini – with luck it won’t be too long till I have him up painted!

The mech is now however done! So here he is!



I resorted to transfers for the markings and a nice colour of static grass to spruce up the base a bit – but I’m happy with him 😀


Well it’s been a while since updates and I’ve been sorting the room out ready for gaming and painting. We managed to start using it for games of x-wing (my Christmas present) and now I’ve actually started painting something in there too! The desks may be unfinished and there’s the radiator to sort out but I felt like I really needed to try and paint something. So here we are at stage one, grey base coat – I’m thinking of doing a red/black scheme over the grey base but we’ll see how it goes – I do want it to be more than just grey though!
It’s a Ral Partha museum scale mad cat from the battletech universe. I’ve no idea how old it actually is but I feel like I’ve had it long enough now, it’s time he was done and on display 🙂