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A brief interlude.

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’ve not disappeared again, just having a very busy week! I’ve not had anytime for hobby activities, due to having a go at house renovations! I’ve been sanding floors, helping painting walls (I can’t really claim to have painted one whole wall myself here!) fitting new light fittings and juggling radiators (not literally – that would be painful).
So I’ve not had all that much time for painting more figures. I’m looking forward to finishing this house – we’ll have proper painting stations in there somewhere 🙂
In the mean time I don’t think I’ve linked across to my tumblr account from here, so for anyone interested (anyone?) –
Back again soon I hope! 🙂

Edit: realised that I’d not stuck up the pics of the man o war stuff! Have some nice pretty boats, in their as bought state. And my current spray tray for good measure. 🙂