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Things arriving…

Posted: April 29, 2015 in gaming
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The guildball has arrived! I was hoping to have finished the current crop of on the go mini’s before they did so I could start straight away, but they’re here so I’ll just have to use that as motivation!



Well this has occupied me for a little while at least 🙂


Next up – I try to get back to the warmachine before the guildball teams arrive! 😀

This week has provided a slight distraction from the ongoing work on the warmachine force. We’ve recently stumbled across guildball – the fantasy football game that kickstarted not long ago. I think due to cuteness level of the fisherman’s guild otter mascot we went along to the demo day they ran at element games. It played as a fun game, a bit of warmachine feel to some of the mechanics too.
Either way we’ve started keeping an eye on their Facebook page and noticed a ‘build a goal’ competition – the game doesn’t come with any goal models, just uses 50mm bases – so as a modelling project it’s a bit like an objective marker for a regular wargame, a small quick bit of scenery!
Given how we’ve taken a liking to it and the prize is a team and rule book we figured it was a good opportunity to try our hand. So right now we’re partway through the builds for a couple of goals! I’ll put pics up when they are done and entered.