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Since I built the space ships I’ve been on a get it built drive hobby wise, I know it’s just piling up a massive mountain of painting for later but I don’t think I’ll feel quite so bad about production lining the ww2 stuff as they are all going to end up green/grey/camo together. 

So I’ve dug out the plastic soldier company half tracks and anti tank guns I bought a few years ago at the show at bovington tank museum (seemed fitting to get historicals there!). The kits are solid but detailed enough that they carry the feel of a much more delicate kit. 

I’ve assembled them enough that they can be sprayed and painted and all the missing crew etc can be added in afterwards, the Hanomags I have left the tops loose on so I can do the drivers. 

The yellow kit it the first of the two revell (ex matchbox) half track & pak 40 kits I got many many years ago. I’ve assembled the first one and done the base off the second so far, I’ll try and get the rest done before I spray this batch. The kits are showing their age and origins a little, there were components there that were designed to turn (wheels on the gun are the biggest bug to me) that made what should have been a simple bit of the assembly feel more of a finger knotting exercise than it needed to. 

The one thing I still love about the old matchbox kits are the diorama bases that come in with them! It means that I can display a great little model without a massive amount of fuss 🙂 I might see what bases dad has in his unpainted pile and swap him the second kit’s base! 

Ah well, it’s all good for now – I might at some point soon have to do a full run down of what ww2 stuff I actually have, and figure out how best to make it game ready! 

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The 1am update

Posted: July 4, 2014 in gaming, Kit model
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Just got back from work and thought I’d make a start on the airfix half track while I wait to see if the eBay bid is successful for the gun.
Mini- review time:
So far, loads of flash and some lost location points (exhaust to chassis mostly), but given the age of the moulds I’m not surprised! The chassis is a bit warped but should be fine for a wargaming piece.
To be continued…


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