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Happy new year to the internet! December was frantic with last minute diy and tidying and decorating and preparing…. So no updates! 


However, christmas came and went, the kids have been pretty good to us and have been merrily crafting away with drawings painting and sticking stuff and as a massive bonus during the clear up we’ve managed to make the painting stations re-useable! So the week has transformed into a bit of a painting and gaming marathon 🙂 

So while the kids have been painting old school plastic warhammer chaos dwarfs in vivid blues purples and pinks we’ve been hard at the painting ourselves! I got a box full of 1:300 scale ww2 aircraft to use for the Battle of Britain game I’m working on and a couple of nice 1:48 scale airfix kits of british army vehicles. 

As a Christmas bonus we decided to re-set the lead counter at Christmas (on Boxing Day so the presents wouldn’t count 😛 ) rather than wait till new year, mostly because I completely lost track and to give ourselves a positive start for the year. Since I’ve not been to the shop yet this year my total is already looking good! 

I was so desperate to start the planes I based and undercoated them the day after Boxing Day! While I was waiting for the spray to dry I grabbed a warmachine figure out of the cabinet and painted her up – start to finish in one hit which I was a bit stunned by, I don’t usually ever manage that! 

Anastasia di Bray- looking a little bit Buffy now I look at her but I’m happy enough with the paint job 🙂 

Now the planes! 

I’m trying to make a ww2 air combat game and I’ve started with the Battle of Britain as its pretty iconic. So for a fairly typical combat I’ve got 4 me 109’s (I know they should be called bf 109’s, but more people recognise the me designation) 4 me 110’s (same thing with bf) and 3 he-111 bombers for the Germans and 4 spitfires and 4 hurricanes for the Brits. I’m hoping that I should be able to make a few good games out of that lot! 

As it stands I’ve already painted the Luftwaffe, the markings aren’t all correct and they are a bit rough as my freehand is awful but they give a feel of being historical at games mini’s which looks good enough for me! 

So the Luftwaffe: 


The Hurricanes are not far off and the spots are half way there. I’ll update those when finished. 

Now – Undercity! The iron kingdoms board game we bought ourselves for Christmas. 

It’s great! It’s four player co-op with a good villain mechanism that keeps things rolling and actually can put a lot of pressure on the players (when you do it right – we were on the third game before we got it all figured out!). 

The only let down for me personally was the soft plastic of the figures, I was hoping for a harder Wargames quality figures but I understand the logic behind using soft plastic for a chuck it back in the box game. I’ve been linked to a hardening process guide that I might try in the future if I decide to paint the figures. I might give it a go on some airfix dudes first to see how it goes. 

We’re on course to finish it within a week so I’m looking forward to more games! 

So I’ll round out today’s post with my first lead tally report of the year:


Just gotta keep it up now 🙂