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A little bit further on.

Posted: July 23, 2014 in gaming, Kit model
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After a couple of busy days I’ve managed to assemble most of the jeep from the gun kit – couple of bits to add and it’s done. The aa gun tractor in the pic was the other reason I bought the kit. It’s an airfix kit, one of my dads that I found mostly built in my box of bits, just lacking wheels! I bought a set of the 17pdr kit a while ago at salute in London and it turned out to be missing the chassis for the truck and most of the jeep. So on finding five wheels that look about right in my bits box I needed a sixth to complete the truck, so extra kit was needed, as I would only need to pinch the spare so could still build the c8 truck from the kit ok.



I had a quick (5min) session before I went to work yesterday, managed to start the gun – so I’ve finished step 27.
Yes, the gun starts at step 27, so I’m doing the kit backwards. But as a mini review the instructions are clear and the parts are a decent fit so far. Bit of a puzzle game finding them on the sprues tho 🙂